Grooming well-grounded men and women who would revolutionize the health and wellbeing of Africa and the world.

Problems We Solve

Helping the healthy to remain healthy, preventing preventable diseases. Helping those who are sick to REGAIN and RETAIN their health.

Promises We Make

- Attaining fitness and longevity.
- Reversal of most chronic illnesses.
- Reorientation your approach to health and disease

Our story

The Founder of Rapha Institute of Healthy Living, Reverend Tony Akinyemi, started experiencing health challenges from age 36. His health progressively deteriorated. Conventional medical protocols didn't offer him much help. He decided to research alternative protocols & remedies. This led him to attend several seminars and training abroad. He ended up studying Nutritional Consulting. Deploying alternative protocols, his health bounced back. He then decided to start teaching others what he had learned through his health recovery journey. This led to the setting up of RIHL.

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The first principle for improving health is KNOWLEDGE; and the second principle is to eliminate health-destroying substances and habits from our lives. The second principle derives from the first, because until we know what is right, we may not be able to do what is right.

Meet our team

These skilled mentors, professionals and trainers make us deliver on our every promise.